Commercial Drone & Media Services
Commercial Drone & Media Services
Real Estate Brokerage   •   Golf Courses      Inspections      Construction   •   Marketing
Sell homes faster, for higher prices and get more listings.
See more with 4K video, aerial mapping,
3D modeling and more.
For beach resorts, golf courses, hotels,
all businesses ~ you name it!
Regulate & Incorporate Drones
To Keep Your Community Safe 
See Your Canvas, Then Watch 
Your Vision Become a Reality
Capture Your Vision, From
Conception to Ribbon Cutting
Aerial golf course maintenance
to save time and money
See stressed crops 4 weeks sooner
than the naked eye can detect.
Enhance any building, roof, bridge or utility inspection with a drone evaluation (essential for slate roofs)!
Drones are taking over the world and becoming a part of our every day lives.
And businesses of all sorts are just now starting to realize how drones can make them more money, save them more money, and impress everyone.

From Aerial Real Estate photography, to professional videography, to agricultural research, and radio tower inspections, to search and rescue, and more, drones are changing our every day lives and creating opportunities previously unheard of.

Now, you can have professional aerial videos and pictures of your business. Get professional videos for your TV commercial, website marketing or wedding. Take a complete scan of your farm, or do just about anything else you can imagine.

We are here to help you realize your dreams with professional drone videos and photos. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE consultation so you can see exactly how drone photos and videos can make you more money, save you more money, and impress everyone.

And be sure to download the FREE report, The Dangers of Do it Yourself Drone Operation, to protect yourself from the most common dangers of drone use.
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Aviated Precision is affilliated with the following organizations:
Registered with the FAA. All Pilots are Part 107 Certified. Licensed and Insured (General Liability for both ground and aerial). Member, Trained and Certified by Sky Eye Network the largest network of drone entrepreneurs in the world. Members of DJI and AMA.
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